Discover the Lost City of Machu Picchu

The lost city of machu picchu is by far one of the most breathtaking ancient structures in the world. The city was built purely out of stone without even the basic tools such as iron or wheels. The Incas built this wonder 7,940 feet above sea level and is visited by thousands of tourists every day. This lost city in the heart of Peru was built around 1450 and to this day is shrouded in mystery. Many travelers ascend the stairs that lead to this remarkable ancient city to gaze at its splendor and marvel at the architecture. Some claim this city has magical properties. Recent studies have indicated that this ancient city could very well have used for ceremonial reasons instead of an actual habitable and permanent city. The evidence for this theory is the long narrow path the Incas created to get to the city. Instead of making the sensible journey along the Urubamba River, the Inca Trail zigzags up the mountainside where the weary traveler must embark on the staircase to the top of the monument to gain access into the city. While no one will know for certain how this amazing city was accomplished by such an indigenous tribe, one thing is sure, they have certainly left their mark on the world.